Future Proof Your Ph.D. 

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Alt Academix provides concrete advice on how graduate students and those transitioning from teaching positions can make themselves marketable for academic administrative positions. Our services include workshops, job letter and cv/resume editing, and career transition consulting. The Alt Academix team is comprised of Brenda Bethman and C. Shaun Longstreet. We both graduated from Ph.D. programs at research universities in the humanities and currently hold staff positions at universities in the U.S. (for more details, please see the About Us page).

We have both been thinking and talking about “altac” for a long time — but the impetus for starting Alt Academix was the worsening of the academic jobs crisis (which seems likely to be a permanent state of affairs). While there has been increasing talk about the altac track (mainly focused on positions in the digital humanities), much of the job advice available to students and recent graduates still tends to posit a false dichotomy between obtaining a teaching position or leaving the academy. We are proof that there is a third way — that one can remain within the academy outside of a tenure-track position; teaching, publishing, and living the “life of the mind,” are all possible if one is willing to consider the myriad number of staff and administrative positions available in the academy.

Our primary goal is to build greater awareness of this third way in the academy. In addition to posting weekly on the subject of landing and thriving in an “altac” job, we aim to engage with graduate schools and departments looking to prepare graduate students and advise faculty about academic non-teaching positions and job searches. We seek to facilitate discussions on how faculty and advisors can better educate students about a broader range of positions on college campuses while still preparing them for tenure track teaching positions (for details, see our Workshops page). We also offer services for individual job-seekers, such as CV and cover letter editing, etc. (see Services for Individuals. To request services, please fill out the Consultation Request Form). In the end, we seek to empower graduate students (and faculty looking to relocate). We help people take on the challenges of the academic professional world and find a flourishing career in the academy regardless of tenure-track status. With all of its quirks and stresses, we love our work in the academy and still believe it is a place for transformative experience.  Alt Academix is a place for us to change academic culture by highlighting opportunities for people who might not have seen them before.

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